Sublingual Explained

Many customers ask what the best way is to use their tinctures. While there are many methods of application for this type of product, we typically recommend the most effective way to use it, which is sublingual application. Since this term tends to be confusing for most, here is a more in depth explanation.  Sublingual […]

University Findings on Hemp and Bees

Hemp and Bees We often overlook the smaller things that play a large role in our lives, like that of hemp and bees.  As hard as we work to boost the economy, we easily often forget the variety of other factors that contribute to ongoing sustainability. Crucial work is also done by species other than […]

Extraction and Distillation Methods

Pure The chemistry of the cannabis plant holds strong from seed to sale. This is especially the case with extraction and/or distillation. After all, not all concentrates are made the same. This process is important to dial in because it affects the overall quality of the final product. Removing all impurities while ensuring important cannabinoids […]

Medical Research Regarding CBD and COVID

COVID and CBD There has been some exciting medical research released recently regarding the use of CBD and COVID! Medical researchers at both the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have seen promising results with the use of CBD to reduce the lung inflammation issues caused by COVID-19 and researchers in Canada […]

CBD In Your Daily Routine

You Deserve It People are looking for a way to completely unwind. Whether it’s a long day at work or the rewarding challenges of being a parent, anyone deserves the chance to show themselves some love with a few moments of pure relaxation. Whether you have a good amount of time on your hands or […]